Since 2011 Paula Jackson has been working with The Psychic Surgeons as a Psychic Surgeon Healer. Currently she has the honour of working with more than 20 spirit Psychic Surgeons as their Channel.

Over time, The Psychic Surgeons have trained and guided Paula in her healing path as a Psychic Surgeon Healer as she channels the universal energy for the Surgeons to perform their Psychic Surgery.

The Surgeons indicated that teaching was in Paula’s future to guide others on how to carry out Psychic Surgeon healing safely as she does.

In 2015 she was guided by her Psychic Surgeons to set up: Paula Jackson’s School of Psychic Surgery.

The training course content has even been set by the Psychic Surgeons themselves!

In her own words Paula says “This is an amazing & rewarding path I find myself on and one I didn’t even know was available to me! I now have the privilege of helping & guiding others to potentially become a Psychic Surgeon Healer, and the opportunity to dispel the myths surrounding Psychic Surgery.”